Thursday, 6 October 2011

Good intentions.... bad memories!

Found an old friend on Facebook today and added her to the friends list.
She was one of few, real good friends that I had! She accepted my request fairly quickly and I found that she was online, so I got chatting to her to catch up on life.
Turned out to be just a brief conversation, we both had to go due to bedtime routines with the kids. But I think it came to more of an abrupt end due to being stumped as what to say. It so happens that I stick my foot in it, when I ask her if she is planning on having more children with her other fella.... her reply was she doesn't think she can have anymore. She had just lost her baby over the weekend, at 20wks gestation and had lost another the year before at 20wks also!

What do you say? Of course, I gave her my condolences, and apologised for being nosey, but apart from that?....

It cut the conversation dead within seconds! (definately no pun intended there) I felt really bad that she had to tell me this, but I suppose in a way it helps people to talk about it. I still felt guilty though for leaving the conversation the way I did, but I didn't want to be rude and suddenly change the topic of conversation. Maybe the kids bedtime routine was part of a scapegoat plan to get out of digging a bigger hole, than I had already started! And maybe she was thankful that I did, so she didn't have to explain anymore than she needed to.

As a mother of 4, I can't bear to think about what she had to endure! Life is really very cruel sometimes, too many bad things happen to good's not fair! :'(