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I'm Allanah, but friends and even some of my family members call me Ali. I'm married to Nick and a SAHM to 4 lovely children - Alexia aged 6, Faye aged 5, Ryan aged 3, and Harry aged 2, and we're now expecting our 5th Wilkinson addition.

Before I had my kids, I wanted to work in a profession that included children and I still do. I went to college to study for a Nursing Degree to become a Midwife, but after having my kids changed my mind. So I thought about becoming a Pediatric Nurse instead, and that is my goal when the kids are in full-time school.
I never finished college though, and ended up working on the Market in Derbyshire to earn my keep at home when I was 16. Months later I got a job working full-time at our local Day Nursery, and after spending 2yrs there I gained my NVQ Level 2 qualification in Childcare. In this time I became pregnant with our 1st baby.
After 5mths I decided to end my Maternity Leave early and get back into working. This time I just had a part-time job at a shop. Not long after I started I found out we were expecting baby #2!
Several months later, I transfered to another shop to work more hours, to help provide for our growing family. I spent a couple of fun years there before we had yet another positive on a HPT, baby #3 was on the way.
Whilst on Maternity Leave with baby #3, we decided to have a simple and quiet wedding ceremony at our local Registry Office in Burton On Trent, so I would be a proper part of the family - Mrs Wilkinson! We have been together since I was 15yrs old, and been engaged for 8 long years! And have now been married for 2 years (3 in Aug).

And on this day, I found out I was pregnant with #4!

Again, I returned to work. Albeit only for a few months, as I was already 16wks when I started back part-time. This would be the last time I was to be employed, as I never went back after baby #4, due to my husband also working in the same company as me, but his job was of more importance and he is the main bread winner for our family.

And so this is where I am today, a SAHM about to become a mummy for the fifth time. I'm going to continue my adventure's of motherhood through this blog, and do some product reviewing along the way!

If you are a PR for a company and would like me to review for you, or you would like to advertise on my blog then please get in touch, you can email me :

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