Friday, 14 June 2013

All up in the air!

Well after going for my 20wk scan, I'm now unsure on what sex the baby actually is!

Everything was looking great. All measurements were taken as best as the sonographer could get, as the little mite was laying on it's tummy at an awkward angle! Which in turn, proved awkward in telling the sex.
But from the potty shots she could get, she reckons it's a girl, as she couldn't see any 'dangle' between the legs.

So now this has left me a bit upset, as it's changed everything my family and I had got used to over the last 4wks. And we are still unsure whether to believe it, as the baby was being rather awkward!

So we have now booked in for a gender scan on Monday when I'll be 21wks 4days :-)