Wednesday, 28 September 2011

 Ryan enjoying the sun today in our garden :)
I think the effects of the sun made him sleepy! As well as the motion of the swing...

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Birthday Wishes Part 2...

Well, I can safely say that my alternative present was pleasantly received by my daughter today :)

I did myself and her proud it seems. I'm that happy with myself for choosing such a toy, that kept her quiet for hours on end (even sharing it with her older sister, without any bickering!) that I'm going to buy her the whole set for..... *whispers very quietly*.....Christmas.

Here are the Lalaloopsy dolls and treehouse playset I bought her:

 And here she is with her Fur real 'handbag' dog, showing me what she thought of her presents:
Happy 4th Birthday Faye!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Birthday Wishes

Well, again it's coming to that time of year where I need to start wrapping various presents.

It is my youngest daughters birthday in the next couple of days - she will be 4!

You'd think it'd be easy choosing what to buy your child for their birthday, especially when they enrol on a mission of giving you an endless list of toys they see on the TV or in catalogues! But no, it's not that easy and it's not going to get any easier to choose over the years either.

Thing is if money was no object, then she could have the more expensive Barbie's or Sylvanian family playsets (at a push!). But there has to be a limit when you ain't got cash to burn, and downgrading to the next best thing can be a very difficult task in itself, don't you think?

And so after considering the options I have (which is only the one, when it boils down to it), I have had to buy something that she likes that costs an arm and a leg (in my opinion, as it doesn't deserve to be given a price tag like that!), just to see my little girl happy on her birthday for receiving something she really wanted than getting something she would rather trample all over (albeit in a fit of rage, for getting a rubbish replacement).

And after all this, I'll be onto my biggest adventure yet. Yep, you named it. Christmas!
Well the girls have written their lists - to father Christmas - so I might leave this one up to him, and hope for the best!

What do they think I am - made of money?.....