Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Birthday Wishes Part 2...

Well, I can safely say that my alternative present was pleasantly received by my daughter today :)

I did myself and her proud it seems. I'm that happy with myself for choosing such a toy, that kept her quiet for hours on end (even sharing it with her older sister, without any bickering!) that I'm going to buy her the whole set for..... *whispers very quietly*.....Christmas.

Here are the Lalaloopsy dolls and treehouse playset I bought her:

 And here she is with her Fur real 'handbag' dog, showing me what she thought of her presents:
Happy 4th Birthday Faye!


  1. Happy Birthday Faye, I have not heard of the lalaloopsy dools but she looks very pleased with them :) x

  2. She was, after about an hour of me trying to get all the little intricate pieces out the packaging! Very cute dolls etc. But definately an older girls toy playset :)