Saturday, 11 May 2013

Gender reveal... BOY... or... GIRL?

Well after having a great 12wk scan, where we found that everything was doing great, baby was healthy and measuring bang on for dates, I wanted a private scan to determine whether we were going to be buying Blue or Pink items!

I went for my 16wk appointment with the Midwife on Thursday, and had a listen to the heartbeat. Perfect! Now I had another 4 weeks before my 20wk anatomy scan, where it is now fairly safe to tell what sex the baby is. I couldn't wait that long to find out. I'm a fairly well organised person, and seeing as I have less than 6mths (and counting!) left until the big day, I needed to know for my own sake, so I can buy the odd thing here and there when we can afford to.

Here is Maxwell Bradley Wilkinson :)